Character Design

CTCRWBY Crossover Redesign, 2020

Redesigning Velinxi‘s characters Begonia and Heather from the webcomic Countdown to Countdown (“CTC”) as characters within the world of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY.

Noctambulist Characters, 2020-2021

Bits of development of my original characters for a project in progress.

Exorcist Ariel, 2021

I really love doing crossovers. I designed an outfit for my character Ariel as if he were a character in the manga and anime series D. Gray-Man! His coat is inspired by Korean hanbok.

Xigbar's Protége, 2020

After getting into the story of Kingdom Hearts in 2020, I came up with a concept for my own KH character who would interact with an existing game character, Xigbar.


I had the pleasure and honor of contributing to two editions of Elements, an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanzine.

,For the summer edition, I was tasked with creating an ad. I illustrated the image, created the watch mock-up and designed the logo.

The main illustration I provided for one of the fall edition’s quizzes.

A style-swapping challenge where I drew my character Mackenzie in the style of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and ATLA’s Prince Zuko in my own style. Original expressions are referenced from ATLA characters.

An illustration inspired by the Tower tarot card.

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