Reflection, 2022

A fanmade Encanto scene about Camilo I wrote and boarded for fun.

Reflection shot exploration
Reflection thumbnails

Hallway, 2021

A scene with two of my characters, written in a class and storyboarded for practice.

PDF version here, a backup if the slideshow doesn’t load.

Medina is one of the most fun to draw, thanks to her energy and love for Taekwondo.

Siblings, 2020

My first attempt at storyboarding! I recreated a cutscene from the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Union X, interpreting the flat scene into one with camera angles and character acting.

Boarded in batches, the first two parts are below.


Some concepts and sketches of characters from an upcoming personal project.

Xigbar's Protégé

For fun, I came up with a concept for my own “Kingdom Hearts” character who would interact with an existing game character, Xigbar.

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